• "...Thanks for selling our home at 1665 Klipspringer Dr. You worked extremely hard in marketing our home, your negotiating skills was amazing, you got our home sold in a few days with the highest price we never seen in our area. We will recommended you to our friends and neighbors..."   Richard Truong, 1665 Klipspringer Drive. San Jose.


  • "...Vinh sold our Tupolo home recently. He has great integrity and I would strongly recommend him as your real estate agent..."   Lipika Sur, 1680 Tupolo Drive. San Jose.


  • "...Thanks for selling our home at 8119 Park Villa. You worked extremely hard to prepare and sell our house. You did a splendid job in marketing, negotiating and closing the deal. I will strenght recommend you as Realtor to anyone. You were very trustworthy and we completely relied on you as we could not be there in person. If anybody needs and information on this sale, please ask them to contact us at 302-229-6344..."   Sankara Venkatt, 8119 Park Villa. Cupertino.


  • "...The worked with a contractor and his team to repair our home, the set up an amazing stagged house that I wanted to purchase it myself. Mr. Tran was constantly available for us to contact via phone and email, and he was able to accomodate my busy schedule to set up meeting. We got more than  handful of amazing offers, all better than our asking price. We're grateful to Mr. Tran for assisting us with all the forms and meetings and negotiating a wonderful sale. We couldn't have done it without him. It indeed you are indending to sell your property, I highly recommed Vinh Tran..." Shehnaz Kazi, 1183 Elmsford Ct. Cupertino.


  • "...If you are thinking about selling your home, I can guarantee that you will have an amazing experience with Vinh Tran. Trust Vinh, he is the most helpful and caring Realtor and the World. He will create the best straregy for selling your home, whether it's the highest price or selling it quickly and present it to you before hand. Across the 3 houses I've sold, I truly think Vinh Tran is the most professional and provided the smoothest experience. He will work the hardest to get what you want. If you want a sign in your yard, you can get it anywhere, but you can't find a trusted parner like Vinh..."   Keren Pikary, 7635 Orange Blossom Dr, Cupertino.


  • "...Originally, we had hired an agent from the San Jose area, it was a huge mistake. The agent was not familiar with the area. He was too busy and did a sloppy job in marketing our home. Once you took over the listing, we felt at ease. You took control and alleviated all our anxiety. We were impressed with your hard work and dedications, most of all we were well informed of the process. Vinh, thank you for a job well done..." Tiep Nguyen -  21150 Rainbow drive, Cupertino. (Attorney at law).


  • "...The first time the building was put on the market. I interviewed several realtors and settled on a realtor that told me what I wanted to hear, rather than a realtor that would get the job done. I made a mistake that cost me over $40,000 and an additional year of valuable potential sale time by not hiring Vinh the first time around. I could not have sold my property without the knowledge and expertise that only comes from dealing with a professional such as Vinh. In my opinion, Vinh is truly a seasoned professional who goes above and beyond what one would normally expect from a realtor. He helped me immensely when it came to dealing with City of San Jose. Vinh's experience and knowledge of the ins and outs of working with the city was invaluable when I had to navigate several critical problems with the Code Enforcement Department and the Planning Department. Vinh's help kept the sale of the property on track while completing the city's requirements for the property. As fir dealing with potential buyers, Vinh made sure that only qualified, serious buyers were brought to my attention. As a busy professional with a business to run I appreciated Vinh's scrupulous screening of potential buyers so as to not waste my time. Last but not least, Vinh kept me updated frequently as to the the progress of the sale of my property. I never had to chase him down to find out what was happening. Vinh was on top of this sale - always, If Vinh was unavailable when I called hime, he always returned my call in a timely manner. Vinh understands that sellers (and buyers) need their hands held through the process and he did expertly and professionally, never making me feel that my inquiries were tiresome, or my questions irrelevant. There are just come of the services performed for me during my parrnership with Vinh that he would say are just a part of his job. I say it is going above and beyond what would normally be expected of a realtor. I have used realtors in the past, but in my opinion none are of Vinh's caliber. I would not hesitate to recommend Vinh to a potential buyer or seller. He is truly a professional cut above the rest in his field..."   Chuck Niesen,  2375 Forest Ave. San Jose. (Broker license).


  • "...We listed our property with a broker who apparently had limited marketin skills, lacking your extensive internet sales experience and business contacts. Consequentially the property sat on the market for more than 3 months during the prime selling season. I canceled the listing and waited as you recommended for the right time to sell. On your recommendation we listed with Re/Max (with you as my agent) and had multiple offers (above asking price) and accepted and offer within 5 days of listing with your effort. We can't thank enough for your competent marketing effort in our behalf. You were pro-active, using the internet o promote the property, displaying our house to the maximum number of potential buyers. The number of visitors to the house, both buyers and agents, was excellent, almost over 50 stopped by the opening weekend. I have recommended you highly to friends and co-workers, describing your excellent services..." Michael Brooks, 4578 Elmburst Dr, San Jose.


  • "...Originally, it was listed by another independent broker who gave me a discount on his brokerage fee, but I was completely frustraded by his lack of a marketing program to market my property. It was on the market for more than three months without a serious offer. It was very fortunate for me to come across an experienced professional like you who effectively marketed my property and got it sold within a week. What's more amazing to me is the fact that is was sold at above the asking price in such a short time! My family and I want to let you know that we appreciate your professional service and the effort you put into the selling of my property. I wish I could have you as my listing agent earlier. Once again, thank you..." Howard Leung, 804 Berlin Ave, Cupertino.


  • "...Thanks for your efforts on behalf of my house for sale. I'm especially impressed by your handeling of the multiple offers..." James Uy, 2145 Lilac lane, Morgan Hill. (Real Estate License).


  • "...I want to thank you for a great job you have done for us in selling our home in Cupertino. Above and beyond your upmost expertise and professionalism, you have great strategy. We are very impressed by your ability to sell our house in just a couple days and even above our asking price. Needless  to say, I'd do more business with you in the future and will not hesitate to recommend you to everybody I know..." Derrick Mar, 10385 Melissa Ct, Cupertino. (Real Estate License).


  • "...Vinh is the best broker I know for the following reasons. 1-Vinh sold my house within 2 weeks. 2-the selling price is better than the house listed for. Vinh is knowledgable in the market regarding to market timing, demand, house style, coloring and what the people's want and anything about the house. Vinh provided and excellent support during my remodeling period. Thanks Vinh for having accountable for everything regardless big or small issues. Vinh is always available for assistant. He helped me from beginning  to the end. Vinh provided a professional service and also is a great guy to work with. I am looking forward to working with him on my next project..." David Lin, 1328 Flower Ct. Cupertino. (Real Estate License).


  • "...Thisis to document the excellent effort put forth by Vinh Tran, acting as our seller's agent for the sale of our home in Cupertino. During the initial sale activity, we were not under a contract to be represented by any seller's agent. This was because an unsolicited purchase offer was tendered for us to consider. That offer was rife with potential legal problems for both the buyer and us. At that point, I contacted Vinh Tran whow quicky and accurately assessed the situation, took firm charge, and worked hard to clean up the mess. With Vinh Tran representing us as the seller's agent, we were soon on the official MLS and had multiple offers  presented. Eventually we had to move on the new buyer's offers. He followed through with all of his listing commitments to consummate a good purchase with a solid buyer at a higher net yield to me than the original offer. This is a job well done. We are very satisfied with Vinh's professionalism and thoroughness..." Gil Pitt, 21604 Castleton St. Cupertino.


  • "...I want to personally thank you for handling the sale of my property at 12432 Lolly Ct, Saratoga. You have handled  the sale very professionlly and efficiently. The sale price was almost $100,000 over the listing price. I would have no reservation to refer you to another client. Thank you for your excellent service..." Patrick Kwok, former Mayor of Cupertino (Real Estate Broker).


  • "...Thank you for all the help you gave us in the sale of our home at 11093 Wilkinson in Cupertino. The property was difficult to sell because of its poor condition and our unwillingness to accept anything less than the absolute top dollar price. You worked hard for months to bring about a sale I never expected would be made. Everyone ended up happy. The buyer made money and the property, and we ended up in a home more suitable to our needs..." Lyman T. Johnson (Attorney at law).


  • "...It's time for me to thank you for all your help in selling my house. In the beginning you supplied me with all the informations, advice and encouragement I needed to get through the task. When I had questions you responded quickly. Your Real Estate knowledge and experience especially in Cupertino is quite impressive. I'm glad I chose you as my agent..." Jeannette Martin, 21452 Elm Ct. Cupertino.


  • "...We have had a very successful relationship with Vinh Tran, We first met with Vinh on March 7, 2002 and were in a sales contract on March 20, 2002. The whole sales process went smoothly and escrow closed on May 20, 2002. We had 14 offers at listing price or higher. In fact the final purchase price was 20% higher of the listing price. Vinh led is through the process of preparing the house for sale, including necessary repairs and furniture arrangements. He also guided us in the negotiation of the final sales price, terms and conditions. We appreciated his expertise and skills in the negotiation process, which was handled in a very professional manner. In summary. we had a fast listing, quickly on the market, sale price over listing price, 30 days of close of escrow. How could it be any better..." Marvin D. Kirkeby, 21442 Elm Ct. Cupertino.


  • "...Thanks for your expertise on the sale of our property. We got $255,000 more than the owner next door who sold their home just a few months ago. Also, you helped us save at least $25,000 on the rent back period and all the repair items. We saved $15,000 on the broker fee to sell out property. Your skill and experience will be recommended to our friends and neighbors..." Josep and Berta Moegenbier, 21441 Elm Ct. Cupertino.


  • "...thanks for selling out home at 8119 Park Villa Circle, Cupertino. you worked extremely hard to prepare and sell our house. You did a splendid job in marketing, negotiating and closing the deal. I/we will recommended you as Realtor to anyone. You were very trustworthy and we completely relied on you as we could not be there in person. If anybody needs any information on this sale, please ask them to contact us at 302-229-6344. We will miss you alot..." Sankara Venkataraman,


  • "...I would like to thank you for handling the sale of my house. You handled the sale exactly the way I requested it and got the full market value for my property. I will recommend you to all  my friends when it comes to real estate transactions...) Bob Green, 21831 San Fernando Ave. Cupertino.


  • "...When it came to negociations and the fine print covering the terms of the sale, you can not be beat, you are the Best !! we always felt confident with you on our side! Once again it has been a pleasure working with you, when you helped us sell our own home in Cupertino 2 years ago, I knew you were the only agent for us! and so I say thank you again for another job well done..." Kathy Seynour Silva, 905 New Haven Ct. Cupertino.


  • "...I would like to express my whole hearted recommendation for the excellent service of Vinh Tran who completely renovated and sold my house for a highest price than I thought was possible during the time of housing market uncertainties. Vinh's attention to every details was exceptional. He accomplished everything while I was out of town he overcame every hurdle, his knowledge of the market and his ability to get things done are exceptional. Above all, his professionalism, work ethic and dedication to my interests as his client were superb. I you want an agent who will work exceptionally hard for you and accomplish wonder, you can't do better than Vinh Tran..." Susan Marriott, 1059 Norfolk Dr. San Jose.


  • "...at the first time home sellers we needed guidence and assistance and that Vinh provided to us. During the intire selling process we never felt pressured to accept an offer that was not in line with our  expectations and his patience help us to get what we were looking for. Being Cupertino resident himself, his knowledge of the neighborhood, future developments and current market condition knowledge helped our home selling..." Mahajani, 1153 Kentwood Ave. Cupertino.


  • "...As an agent you are very much organize, ontime and responsible. You pay attention to what your client wants and you fulfill your clients needs. My experience with you for selling my house (1174 Bubb Road, Cupertino) was excellent !  I for sure and highly recommend you to all my family and friends for selling, buying their houses..." Minoo - 1174 Bubb road. Cupertino.


  • "...You are on of the best Realtors I know. You worked fast, efficient, my family and I had a lot of fun working with you. You got things done easily and quickly and you help a lot. Mr Tran sold our home withing two weeks, even though the market was very slow..." Achal Srinivasan 7712 Tomki Ct. Cupertino.


  • "...We first met Vinh 4 1/2 years ago and we were very impressed with his knowledge of the home sales in Cupertino. Vinh was the only Realtor we called because we felt he would do a good job for us. We were not disappointed. His experience, as well as his knowledge of the industry helped us to get our home ready for sale to the extent that we sold in 5 days. We had multiple offers and sold above our listed price. My wife and I highly recommend Vinh Tran..." Delmer & Maria Bower, 7960 Sunderland Drive. Cupertino.


  • "...We all to thank you for the very professional job you did in selling Dad's home. The entire transaction wa hassle free, made so easy by your expertise. All is going well with Dad. Thanks again..." Leonard Anderson, 8061 Park Villa Circle. Cupertino.


  • "...We interviewed agents and ultimately we would have Vinh sell our home, it was a great decision. We could not have been happier with any other agents. Vinh is a consummate professional in every respect of his work. He is extremely efficient and accomplished his work in a timely manner. Vinh kept us up to date each step of the way. Vinh's work ethics are beyoud compare..." Lynn Clay, 8148 Park Villa Circle. Cupertino.


  • "...Vinh has been extremely helpful all the way, from advising us what we need to do to prepare our house for sale, to marketing and selling the house. Vinh pays attention to details and we are impressed with his professionalism and strong knowledge of the market. He paid personal attention to our property and made sure that everything is done correctly. Vinh helped is attain top dollar for our house, and sold it after the first open house weekend with multiple offers. We like to recommend Ving to all our neighnors and friends..." Charoen and Winnie Kosolcharoen, 8157 Hyannisport Dr. Cupertino.


  • "... I am writing to let you know about my excellent experience working with Vinh in selling my property in this tough economy. Vinh is a pro ! He is dedicated, very knowlegeable and knows how to get the job done well. His contacts and experience really helped me to prepare my property for sale. He never presured me, and always left the final decision to me after providing me with his best advice. He is extremely knowledgeable about how to make things happen in a positive way, and he knows how of the ins and outs of the market was amazing. I will definitely work with Vinh again, and recommend him to you unreseredly..." Dean Hung, 10228 Danube Drive. Cupertino.


  • "...We are very fortunate to have had Vinh as our agent and from the beginning to the close of sale, we must have said this to ourselves more than 100 times. Vinh is a pro on selling and buying properties. He has itimate real estate knowledge of every Cupertino neighborhood. Vinh guided us very well throghout the whole sale process. Vinh has a very solid sale strategy right from the list price to offer presentation day that makes sure that you get the right price for your home. When we are in market again to buy home there is no doubt that Vinh will be the only one as our agent..." Anand Deshpande. 10239 Nile Dr. Cupertino.


  • "...We are pleased to gave this opportunity to highly recommend Vinh to anyone buying or selling a home, specifically in the Cupertino - Monta Vista Area. Our home located at 10387 Mira Vista Road in Cupertino. was listed with Vinh, subsequently it was necessary for us both to travel out of town. Because of Vinh's diligent efforts and professionalism, he successfully conducted an open house, and attained the selling offer prior to our return. His profound knowledge of the market, invaluable suggestions and professionalism, make Vinh a true credit to his profession. Vinh's excellent service made the selling of our home effortless, and a very positive experience..." Mike and Lynne Jackson, 10387 Mira Vista road. Cupertino.


  • "...This is to certifying that we have engaged the services of Mr. Tran for selling our home. We were looking for candicates with the following criteria and have done extensive interview of agent in the Cupertino area. (1) Honesty and Integrity.  (2) Proven experience.  (3) Quality and staginh of the house.  (4) Negotiation stratergies employed to get good selling price.  (5) Employed technology in seling houses.  (6) Neighborhood knowledge.  (7) Finally, good experiences.  We are happy to share that we found all these qualities in Vinh and he did an excellent job in selling our home. He used premium quality items for staging. His negotiation skills were impressive Vinh is very punctual, meticulous in planning and highly professional in his dealings. He is a man of few words but with quality results, I would recommend Vinh to all my friends and family for their real estate needs..." Ved and Surreka Kodipyaca, 10674 Grapnel Place. Cupertino.


  • "...I'd like to take this oppotunity to thank you for all your help with the sale of my house. With your exceptional experience and professionalism you've made ths sales transaction process very smoothly..." Ken & Miyoung Byun,  11232 Monterey Ct. Cupertino.


  • "...I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on selling our home in Seven Springs. Your professionalism, market knowledge, and selling skills were able to get us top dollar for out home..." Mehboob Hussaini, 11600 Orchard Spring. Cupertino.


  • "...My house belongs to luxurious home class and if not priced right, it can sit on the market for a long time and 3 of my neighbor's houses were like that. But my house is sold within 4 weeks and get above my asking price. I picked Vinh to help me market my house and I have some doubt whether he can do what he promised, but I found out he is a real professinal in helping me prepare my house for sale, including remodeling, staging and marketing and finally the most important feature: Negotiating and good price. Vinh spent a lot of time to advice me a give me remodeling ideas and wait patiently for me eo decide my selling price in this market, where buyers are very careful to offer. Gradually, I trust Vinh's artistic taste and his marketing direction and I am glad it's a great result..." Yuh-Yin Liu, 12497 Parker Ranch, Saratoga.


  • "...Throughout the several weeks of renovation, Vinh visited the house almost every day and advised the contractors and the work progressed. He also took an aactive role in recommending certain features to add to the elegance of the home and frequently went together to various suppliers to select the material. He devoted so much time and effort in beautifying the house that he literally 'put his heart into the this project' by the time we put the house on the market, it was an elegant and beautiful home that most people would find it irresistibly impressive. We also took Vinh's professional advice to arrive at an attractive list price. Within a few days of listing, we received multiple offers. Vinh was most impressive in juggling the multiple offers to maximize the return of the transaction. The house was sold to a strong buyer at above list price. We are most impressed with Vinh's experience, hard work, dedication, wisdom and professionalism in handling all aspects on the sale of this home. I have no rreservation at all to recommend Vinh to anyone who wish to buy or sell in the area he serves..." Annie Young, 21130 Rainbow Dr. Cupertino.


  • "...This was not an easy time to find a buyer with the economic environment being so shaky, but you were patient and encouraging during the whole process. We are still marveling at how you managed to beat the odds in our favor and find us a solid buyer in so short a time. When it came to the negotiations and fine print covering the items of the sale, you were unwavering in getting the price we wanted. You handled the buyer's demands and real estate agent with firmness and humor, we thank you for your positive attitude through these negotiations as well..." John & Geri Griggs, 21634 Castleton. Cupertino.


  • "...I had previously listed with Mary Tan at Coldwell Banker and was very disappointed with their service. Their sales method seemed to be open houses on Sunday with a variety of agents. In four months, Coldwell Banker showed my house individually only three times, Mary never showed my house. Your diligent work paid off when the house sold the first week. Working with you has been a pleasure, your nice, friendly, personality has contributed to a possitive experiennce for me..." Jan Lewis, 21761 Lomita Ave. Cupertino.


  • "...Once listed, Vinh brought in 18 offers in just a week. The winning offer was beyond my expectations, needless to say, I was pleasure. Through it all, Vinh was very professional and helpful. He really knows his stuff and he is a hard worker. I most highly recommend Vinh to anyone seeking to sell their property..." John Stoneham,  21870 Granada Ave. Cupertino.


  • "...I want to thank you you again for all your help selling my house this year. I couldn't believe how quickly it was sold and I really appreciate all your advice given. You really do understand the market and very aware of what is happening..." Christine and Mike Stortz, 21885 Almaden. Cupertino.


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